Rodeo and Contestant Information

Contestant Registration 
Contestant registration is from 6-8 pm, Friday July 27th at the Saloon at 830 Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.  As noted in the IGRA rule book, if any contestant gets delayed or wishes another contestant to “walk through” registration, they need to reach out to the Rodeo Secretary and let him know. All pre-registered contestants will be notified in writing how to contact the Rodeo Secretary and his contact information will be available at the rodeo grounds. 
Late Registration/Adding Events Information
Late registration will be accepted and late fees waived for those contestants assigned an IGRA number more than 30 days prior to thw rodeo as long as the contestant notifies North Star of their intent to register late prior to the scheduled registration.  Late registrations are subject to approval by the Rodeo Director.  Requests for late registration can be made by email to
North Star reserves the right to suspend the waived late fee policy at anytime.  Late registrations will result in the need for increased stock.  Should this become necessary and addtional stock can be secured, the late fee will be a $50.00 flat fee per contestant.  This fee will also apply to any contestants that do not contact North Star prior to registration unless the below apply.
Late Fees will not apply in the following situations:
  1. Pre-registered contestants adding goat dressing at registration.
  2. Contestants adding camp events with a pre-registered partner(s) at registration.
  3. Contestants adding speed events at registration.  *** This does not waive the late fees for stalls
  4. Contestants adding team roping with a re-registered partner at registration.  *** This does not waive the late fee for stalls. 
 Horse Stall Fees
Each contestant pre-registred for horse events will receive one (1) stall at no charge.  Each additional horse stall will be $25.00.
North Star will make every effort to provide "late stalls" to contestants that notify North Star of their need for additional stalls in advance.  This notification can be made by email to  Because our horse stalls are portable and brought in from an offsite vendor, contestants that do not reserve an adequate number of horse stalls and/or do not notify North Star of the need for a "late stall" will not be gauranteed a stall on arrival.  If a "late stall" is able to be provided, a late fee of the actual cost of the stall will be assessed at the time of check in not to exceed $50 per stall.  
***  Tack Stalls will NOT be available.  ***
Horse stall check in will begin on Thursday, July 28th at 5pm.  Please make sure to complete the paperwork that will be attached to each stall.   
 Horse Stall Information
Dead Broke Arena is one of the finest outdoor arenas around with excellent footing for horse contestants.  It is adjacent to Woodloch Stables, but unfortunately all the indoor stalls are already used by the horse owners who lodge their horses at Woodloch Stables.  We have a limited number of open air outdoor stalls available located right behind the announcer's stand for easy access for our contestants.  We understand it is our responsibility to provide stalls per IGRA rules.  Because we cannot predict how many new horse contestants we may have, we encourage you to bring a few extra livestock panels with you to sufficiently keep your horse(s) secure.  We would be most grateful for your help and will offer a stipend as a token of our appreciation.  If you are willing to do this, please contact so we can keep an accurate stall count. 
We do not have shavings onsite, but Hugo Feed Mill and Hardware is a feed store that you pass in Hugo on your way out to the arena.
If you need hay, please let us know at, and we will set you up with hay through Woodloch Stables.  
Added Prize Money
NSGRA has received $200 added money for Calf Roping on Foot. This money will be split $100 for men and $100 for women. This added money is designated for FIRST TIME CALF ROPING ON FOOT CONTESTANTS only. Money will be awarded to the best average times for men and best average times for women or best single time if nobody catches both days. If there are no FIRST TIME CALF ROPERS ON FOOT, or none of them catch, the money will be returned to the sponsor. NSGRA thanks RRRA for this sponsorship.